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Jimmy Somerville, again

So, in the world of strange and odd things...

I've written the liner notes for re-releases of Jimmy Somerville's first five albums.

The re-releases are deluxe 2-CD packages full of remixes, b-sides, and other material related to the era of each album.

It's all kind of surreal to me still, but it seems to have actually happened. I got to talk to Jimmy for about 3 hours by Skype and do write-ups based on those interviews and some other research.

Frankly, it was pretty cool to be talking to someone who has been fighting for LGBT equality for the past 30 years in such a public fashion. Plus, I've been listening to his music since, like, forever, and really like it. So kind of talking to one of my heroes.

Anyway, if you're interested, here are Amazon.com links where you can get these new issues. They'll all be out quite soon. They're also all imports for US customers, but that's not that surprising, is it? (It's a shame he's not more popular here in the States.)

Bronski Beat - The Age Of Consent
The Communards - Communards
The Communards - Red
Jimmy Somerville - Read My Lips
Jimmy Somerville - Dare To Love
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