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A long hunt finally ended

Well, after not quite 3 years... we'll call it 34 months and 3 weeks... I have found a job. Finally.


It's been a long haul. I've watched the bottom fall out of the job market and have gotten to where I can read the pulse of the economy based on how many craigslist postings I see new each day. I've sent out so many resumes that I could easily have been identity-thefted a hundred times or more by now.

I got the call today that the job is mine, and I start tomorrow.

I found myself looking through help wanted ads late this afternoon and realized that sheer force of habit is going to be hard to break when it comes to surfing through those websites compulsively like I have for (literally) years.

Let's hope this one is a better fit than the last. Workplace bullying sucks and nearly ruined me. I hope I am building something positive from this point on.
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