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Seattle U2 Tickets for sale

So, due to Bono's back injury last summer and the ensuing LONG wait for the concert this coming June, I seem to have 4 extra tickets for the U2 concert at Qwest Stadium in Seattle.

The show is Saturday, June 4.

Lenny Kravitz is opening.

The tickets are in section 118, row HH, which is a tad behind the stage (the show is in the round, so it's not a problem), and should be up high enough from the field to be able to see over the stage and look across the vast sea of general admission people on the field of the stadium.

This show has been sold out forever, and should have an attendance of around 90,000 people.

Anyway, I have 'em if anyone wants 'em. Face value on the tickets is $55, with TicketBastard fees it all comes to $70 per ticket.

If you're interested drop me a line.
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